UK Prison Law Experts

We're on your side

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When you find yourself facing or serving a prison sentence it is an extremely difficult and emotional time for the convicted, their families and children. During this time you want a sympathetic expert to be fighting for your rights. Someone who understands and is on your side the whole time you are serving your sentence and then provide guidance and support afterwards once you have completed your term with parole and other legal issues.

We can help when no one else can

Even if you have been let down by other law firms who made you promises or you feel let down as prison law specialists we can still help you with issues such as:

  • Challenging poor conditions and addressing medical issues in prisons and other places of detention.
  • Appeals against sentence.
  • Supporting prisoners through the parole process.
  • Ensuring that the categorisation of prisoners is appropriate to them.
  • Supporting families who are party to coroners' inquests after deaths in prison or police custody.
  • Due to our extensive knowledge of the prison system and all aspects of prison law, we are in a unique position to help you.

We will act quickly and decisively to aid your case as we know that whilst you are in prison your resources are extremely limited making simple things like making phone calls or obtaining forms become a difficult task.

Let us give you the peace of mind you need. Just knowing that you have experienced and qualified professionals behind you with a large network of high achieving lawyers on your side will make your time in prison less stressful, allowing you to concentrate on simply getting through your time.