A Right to Justice

legal advice and representation for prisoners

Legal Advice and Representation for Prisoners

What we do

We are expert legal professionals specialising in Prison Law. We are your first point of contact from the time of arrest right through to sentencing, appeal, release, parole and home detention curfew. We are here to ensure that both your legal and human rights are upheld and to make sure your time in prison, any that appeals and legal processes go as smoothly as as possible.

We are also in partners with The Johnson Partnership who specialise in criminal defence and business defence work of all types and Prison Law. As the largest criminal firm in England and Wales, we are able to cover the entire country and have lawyers specialising in every area of criminal law practice. We cover criminal offences ranging from motoring offences, VAT Fraud, ASBO's, Youth Crime, Driving Bans, Professional Misconduct, Trading Standards law to Murder and Manslaughter so you know you are in experienced hands with us.

We are able to help with the following areas of the justice system:

  • Police Arrest
  • Police Charge
  • Police Bail
  • Court Bail/Remand
  • Court Trial
  • Court Sentencing
  • Inside Prison
  • Appeals
  • Categorisation
  • Home Detention Curfew (HDC)
  • Release on Temporaray Licence (ROTL)
  • Appeal Compensation
  • Parole

We cover every aspect of Prison Law, and have and expert team of lawyers with specialist subjects ensuring that you get the best possible outcome no matter how small or large your case may be. Choose A Right to Justice and you know you will be in safe hands.Ww also cover all areas of civil law and at the same time we refer people on all criminal matters as well

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